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Utility Vehicle Offers Improved Power, Efficiency

Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc, is proud to introduce the Cushman AC-powered Tug tow tractor, the latest upgrade to its industrial lineup. The newly designed Tug, purpose-built for towing applications in factories, warehouses and other facilities, offers users more uptime and user-friendly features. Key upgrades include the implementation of an AC motor for power and efficiency, higher voltage batteries for extended operation, the switch from a mechanical parking brake to an automatically engaged electronic parking brake (E-brake) for increased safety, and consolidation to one model that offers a robust 8,000 lb. (3,629 kg) towing capacity.

Cushman vehicles are designed and manufactured in Augusta, Ga., by Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc.

Transitioning the Tug motor from DC to AC allows the tow tractor to operate more efficiently due to the durability of its brushless motor and the use of direct drive, rather than a pulley system. The AC motor also increases the lifespan of the vehicle and the longevity of its batteries, which means more uptime on the job. The Tug motor has improved peak horsepower at 15.42hp (11.5kw) in comparison to the previous model’s 11hp (8.28kw). By increasing the battery voltage from 36 volts to 48 volts, the vehicle has an extended range, tested to up to 80 miles (129 km). The electronic parking brake offers users more convenience and increased safety, as the Tug automatically engages the parking brake when the operator stops the vehicle.

Moving forward, the Tug will no longer be available in a 5,000-lb towing capacity option. Instead, the Tug will have one model with a standard 8,000-pound towing capacity.

Product enhancements also include a user-friendly dashboard design. The new Tug features a digital display that includes a state-of-charge meter, speedometer and hour meter. The dash also incorporates a forward-neutral-reverse selector that is integrated into the key switch to increase ease of use and convenience. The access port for charging the vehicle is now located on the rear of the vehicle, eliminating the need to remove the deck board for access. The deck board is NUDO coated to add grip and increase durability.

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