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Temperature and Moisture Meters Designed Handheld Application

FLIR Systems, Inc. announces the release of three new accessories that enhance the capabilities of FLIR temperature, humidity, and moisture tools. These accessories are the MR11 handheld temperature and humidity sensor accessory, the MR12 ball probe moisture sensor accessory, and the MR01-EXT temperature/relative humidity sensor and extension assembly.

The FLIR MR11 is an ergonomic temperature and humidity sensor designed to expand the measurement capabilities of FLIR moisture meters (compatible with the MR77 and MR176). Users can extend the reach of the moisture meter’s temperature and humidity sensor by replacing it with the MR11 sensor and extension piece (MR01-EXT). In addition, users can save time by deploying MR11 sensors in each dehumidifier instead of moving the meter to various locations and waiting for it to acclimate.

The FLIR MR12 is a ball-probe moisture sensor accessory designed to extend the measurement range of FLIR moisture meters (compatible with the MR60, MR160 and MR176). When there’s no visible presence of moisture, the MR12’s ball probe can help users detect moisture below the surface and determine the moisture migration path from the source. With the MR12, users can cover a large area in a short time without making a mark and easily measure into corners, on uneven surfaces, and around baseboards. The MR12 enables stable, repeatable measurements; supports a wide range of wood and common building materials; and is durable enough to withstand and 2 m drop.

The final accessory announced is the FLIR MR01-EXT temperature/relative humidity sensor and extension assembly, which can be used in conjunction with the FLIR MR77 and MR176. The MR01-EXT can be used for acclimation purposes, such as dryer/dehumidifier exhaust vents, along with extending the reach of moisture meter integral temp/RH probes.

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