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Superior Walls Xi Precast Concrete Foundation System Now Evaluated for Use in Canada

    NEW HOLLAND, PA. – The Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) has declared that Superior Walls® Xi™ precast concrete insulated wall panels are now evaluated for use in Canada. The evaluation report was issued on November 8, 2012 and opens the door for sales of the popular foundation system throughout Canada.
            “We’ve had intense product interest from builders in Canada for many years,” says Jim Costello, president of Superior Walls. “This is an exciting opportunity for us to provide Canadian builders with the top-quality foundation systems they desire.
         “In conjunction with this product evaluation, our company will now move forward in searching for a new manufacturing facility location in Canada. Our goal is to produce Xi panels in Canada to directly supply Canadian builders with our energy-efficient foundation system.”
Xi Wall Panels
            The top-of-the-line Xi wall panels feature steel reinforced concrete and 2-1/2-inches of DOW® Styrofoam™ insulation to create a permanent barrier against sidewall water penetration. The panels are custom designed and constructed in a factory-controlled setting. Unique features of the Xi wall panels include:
    •     5,000+ PSI concrete
    •    Steel-reinforced top bond beams, concrete studs and footer beams
    •    Horizontal steel rebar inside top and bottom beams
    •    Vertical steel rebar inside each stud
    •    Access holes for ease in wiring and plumbing
    •    Galvanized steel stud facing ready for drywall finishing
    •    Insulated corners, studs and bond beams
           “Specially certified installation crews come to each job site to install the Xi wall panels,” says Costello. “Each panel is placed on clean, crushed stone footings. The speed of installation makes this a cost-effective product for home construction. This impressive foundation system is usually put in place and completed within a single day. The end result is a dry, warm and extremely energy-efficient foundation system that adds value to the home.”
Toronto Homebuilder Expo
          Superior Walls, based in New Holland, Pa. in the United States, will showcase the Xi wall panels at the Toronto Homebuilder Expo in booth 244. “We’re exceptionally pleased that this product evaluation report has come out from the CCMC right before the popular Toronto Homebuilder Expo,” says Costello. “Canada has embraced the Superior Walls technology and now that Xi wall panels have been evaluated for use in Canada we’re eager to share the product with attendees of that major trade show.”
          Originally created in 2003 as an energy-efficient alternative to traditional foundation methods, Xi panels have revolutionized the home building industry. Available for installation year-round, the foundation panels provide warm, dry basements for homeowners - even in the harshest and coldest northern climates.
Green Building
          Superior Walls products are resource efficient. The wall panels are engineered and manufactured using high strength concrete in insulated concrete studs, reducing the amount of concrete required to build a new home. The custom-made walls include precast openings for windows and doors while stud facings eliminate the need for additional wood framing prior to interior finishing. Using fewer materials helps reduce the carbon footprint of the new home's construction process.
          In the United States, the foundation walls can help in the construction of an ENERGY STAR® qualified home. As a custom wall assembly, Superior Walls products contribute to the overall home insulation value and reduce air infiltration into the home, thereby making a huge impact on the overall energy efficiency rating of the home.
          Superior Walls is also the first and only foundation manufacturer whose products are approved to contribute points in the United States toward certification of a building under the National Green Building Standard™. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center awarded the Green Approved designation to Superior Walls Xi panels in 2009.
            Xi foundation wall panels provide R values that meet or exceed energy conservation values for most U.S. climate zones for both the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). Superior Walls anticipates Canadian builders will appreciate these energy efficient features and the company looks forward to showcasing the Xi foundation wall panels at the upcoming Toronto Homebuilders Expo.
              For more information visit www.superiorwalls.com or call 800-452-9255.

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