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Sloan Introduces New SloanTec Glaze

Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of the commercial plumbing systems, is proud to announce a new innovation in vitreous china fixtures: SloanTec Glaze. This revolutionary hydrophobic glaze changes the game in the world of surface treatment for building owners, engineers, architects and designers who want to maintain a consistently pleasant and hygienic restroom experience for visitors.

Surfaces with SloanTec Glaze not only actively repel liquids, they also inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria, making the fixture easier to clean and keeping it cleaner longer.

“To develop this new technology, our engineers took an in-depth look at how we could make the routine cleaning of our water closets easier over the life of the fixture, “Mark Lawinger, product manager, fixtures, Sloan. “SloanTec is far more than just a smooth mirror-like glaze, it’s a cutting edge modification process that physically alters the surface and transforms the characteristics of the glaze on a nano-scale that produces dramatic results.”

The results are dramatic and will be readily apparent to facility owners including:

  • Easier-to-clean surface that decreases mineral build-up and requires less time and labor
  • Cleaner appearance that resists all manner of marks and stains
  • Hygienic design that resists the spread of germs

Because the SloanTec glazing process physically alters the surface of the china on a molecular level, fixtures are easier to clean and always maintain a good-as-new look. Independent testing shows that SloanTec removes up to seven times more soli compared to competititee glazes. With this unique technology, no other glaze product features the strength of SloanTec, with a difference you can see.

“We’re incredibly excited that our SloanTec glaze is something that nobody’s ever seen before,” added Lawinger, “Until now customers had to settle for older traditional glaze technology that relies on smoother surfaces to help ease cleaning. SloanTec uses a different approach that works even if the surface gets scratched over time. It’s truly an innovative way to solve a problem in a way you can actually see.”

For more information on SloanTec, visit sloan.com/sloantec

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