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Demand Increasing for ConX Modular Steel Building System for Hospitality Structures

The innovative construction technology company ConXtech announces increasing adoption of its ConX® Chassis Based Modular® structural steel building system for hotel, resort, and extended stay facilities. ConXtech currently has eight hospitality projects in design and has completed four, for both boutique and major hospitality brands including the first AC Hotel by Marriott in California. ConXtech’s substantial experience providing high-density residential structures has enabled a natural expansion into the hospitality sector.

ConXtech’s systemized approach to design, fabrication and construction lowers installed cost and increases speed to delivery resulting in a more predictable project lifecycle and a faster ROI. The system enables owners/operators to increase density beyond the code limits of wood-framed structures, and achieve higher density more affordably than conventional steel and concrete structures.

At the core of ConXtech’s technology are standardized, manufactured bi-axial moment connections that safely and rapidly “lower and lock™” together in the field. ConX structures require virtually no field welding, yet meet seismic code in even the most challenging geographies. The connections have been fully tested and pre-qualified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), approved by LADBS, and other building authorities.

The system simplifies design and reduces iterations between architecture and engineering teams. The company provides digital detail libraries in Revit and other CAD formats which precisely represent ConXtech’s manufactured ConX steel components. These details simplify creation of an anatomically accurate digital model at the concept stage, enabling early collaboration that can shave months off the design cycle.

ConX structures are not limited to a fixed grid or “boxy” design. In fact, the system adapts to an almost infinite number of building shapes, interior layouts and facade materials allowing hospitality owners to more affordably achieve their brand’s aesthetic objectives. “There’s a pre-conceived notion that modular systems dictate or limit architecture, and historically that may be the case. From inception, ConXtech’s goal has been to offer a configurable system that is modular at the connection level. We set out to deliver the ultimate in architectural freedom,” states Kelly Luttrell, ConXtech’s VP of business development and co-founder.

Several other design factors make the system especially well-suited for hospitality projects. ConX can sit anywhere on a concrete podium transfer slab (with parking or retail below), without aligning load paths. Disassociating the superstructure from the parking below can result in a 30% increase in efficiency that can’t be achieved with wood. Additionally, the brace-free structure eliminates layout constraints associated with conventional alternatives that require shear walls or braces. Open floor plans optimize layout and window placement at the perimeter without obstruction. Unlike wood frame or light gauge steel (LGS) alternatives, ConX structures are robust enough to accommodate amenities such as pools, lounges and passive landscaping on the roof.

In the field, columns and beams with factory-welded connections are assembled in full-height vertical sections (like a full-scale erector set) up to 2x faster than conventional steel, cast-in-place concrete (CIP), or LGS. Rapid delivery of vertical sections of ConX structure allows general contractors to dry-in sooner and other trades to begin work earlier, resulting in reduced overall time to market. ConXtech’s factory fabricated approach also eliminates on-site waste and significantly reduces on-site labor and lay-down area, minimizing noise, traffic and disruption to the adjacent community.

“Currently we have eight hospitality projects in design and time to market is a big factor in winning those projects. The Bicycle Club Casino Hotel in Bell Gardens, California, was assembled in 15 days, shaving more than a month off the general contractor’s original schedule.” said Patrick Coyle, Vice President of ConXtech’s residential division. “The hospitality industry has a keen appreciation for the significant time savings our system delivers. If they can open their doors earlier – it’s a shorter path to revenue.”

The sustainable ConX solution emphasizes material, energy, and water conservation in manufacturing and other processes. It is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver, meeting high standards in the areas of material health, material reutilization, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.


For more information about the ConX System for hospitality structures, please visit: http://www.conxtech.com/projects/hospitality/.

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