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Shur-Step Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape Promotes Safer Workplaces and Products

Shur-Step Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape Promotes Safer Workplaces and Products

 Used on lawn tractors, vehicles, stairs, ladders, food service and more 

ADDISON, IL, October 19, 2011 -- Slip and fall accidents costs American businesses $70 billion annually in workers' compensation and medical expenses, according to the National Safety Council. And while these accidents may be amusing in slapstick comedies, they are no joke: slip and fall accidents are the third leading cause of injury to customers and employees each year.

Pres-On®, a leading supplier of adhesive-backed industrial products, is helping businesses and manufactures prevent slip and fall accidents with its safety-promoting Shur-Step™ anti-slip tape, now available in heavy-duty (60 grit) and general purpose (80 grit) designs. Low profile, high-strength and water resistant, Shur-Step tape features a self-adhesive backing that applies in seconds and adheres to any smooth, clean, dry surface. Finely ground abrasive particulates provide a sturdy footing, indoors or outdoors.

Shur-Step provides maximum skid resistance on virtually any floor type or surface, including raw concrete. It is an ideal safety solution in factories or warehouses when applied to steps, ramps, loading docks, or around machinery. In addition, in the food services industry where greasy or wet floors are the norm, Shur-Step will stabilize dangerous flooring conditions for a safer environment.

Product liability is another matter: it is critically important that manufacturers incorporate safety into the products that they sell - especially in our increasingly litigious culture. OEMs can apply Shur-Step safety to the powder-coated paint finishes of commercial products like truck beds, lawnmowers, snowmobiles and much more to stop slipping.

Pres-On Shur-Step is available in rolls of 60 feet in length, or in cleats in lengths of 24 inches. Rolls and cleats come in various thicknesses, grits and widths. 
For a free sample, call Pres-On at 800.690.8025 or email sales@pres-on.com. On the web visit www.preson.com. 

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