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Magnalight.com Introduces Rechargeable LED Light Stick

Magnalight.com Introduces Rechargeable LED Light Stick
The Magnalight WL-LED-12-M rechargeable trouble light is the newest in versatile and durable LED lighting from Magnalight.com. This portable LED light offers high light output combined with an integrated magnetic mounting system to produce a weatherproof, portable industrial grade LED task light.
Designed for use anywhere, the WL-LED-12-M LED light stick from Larson Electronics’ Magnalight combines the convenience of rechargeable portability with the versatility of magnetic mounting. Containing 60 LEDs powered by an integral Ni/Hm battery, this LED light stick produces enough light to cover an area approximately 25 foot long by 20 foot wide, and will run for over four hours on a single charge. An impact, shock, and vibration resistant housing provides durable operation and makes this light suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The long life LEDs have a 100,000 hour lifetime rating and will provide years of reliable operation. This LED light has two built in 20 lbs grip magnets that allow the unit to be attached to any ferrous metallic surface. This feature is ideal for automotive and work applications where the user needs effective illumination that leaves their hands free. This unit also has predrilled through holes to allow mounting the unit with screws for permanent or semi-permanent mounting such as would be found in machine light applications. Included with this unit is an AC/DC charging unit for recharging from common 120 VAC outlets and a cigarette plug adapter for charging from vehicles and equipment. Fully wireless, portable, and ruggedly constructed, the WL-LED-12-M LED light stick is an ideal lighting solution for portable industrial applications.
“This is a versatile, rechargeable LED task light with magnetic base that is ideal for small area work spaces,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com.  “This LED light is basically a magnetic mount LED trouble light. 
Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com carries a full inventory of LED lighting for heavy duty, commercial, and industrial applications, including explosion proof LED lights, cart mounted LED lighting and battery operated portable LED towers. Please view Magnalight’s’ full line of lighting equipment by visiting Magnalight.com. Magnalight can be contacted by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries. 

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