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Scag Power Equipment's Windstorm stand-on blower

A surface-clearing force unlike anything you have ever experienced…  Massive, multi-directional air output driven by huge horsepower, resulting in unmatched productivity...  This is the Scag Windstorm stand-on blower.

The Windstorm’s exclusive NDS (Nozzle Direction System) provides unprecedented control of the air discharge tilt and rotation.  Quick and easy adjustment via fingertip controls:  1)  A mechanical lever provides 16-degrees of vertical tilt adjustment.  2) Two electric switches allow for automatic left/right horizontal rotation or manual rotation adjustment.

Massive air output of up to 6,000 effective CFM paired with ground drive speeds up to 10.5 mph deliver optimum productivity and efficiency.  Windstorm’s spacious operator platform with coil-spring suspension ensures a smooth ride while you get the job done, whether you’re preparing asphalt for sealcoating or cleaning up leaves in the fall.

Unlike other stand-on blowers currently available, the Windstorm’s impeller can be engaged and disengaged on demand via an Ogura PTO clutch.  This allows the operator to turn off the air flow inside of enclosed trailers, near buildings, vehicles, or people and animals.

A powerful and efficient 37 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Big Block EFI engine delivers huge power, along with exceptional fuel efficiency and dependable performance. 

Real-world testing of the machine by landscape crews has shown that the machine’s exceptional productivity could allow one operator with one Windstorm to replace up to five (5) people operating traditional backpack blowers in many scenarios.  This means that the other four employees can be doing other work and being more productive!


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