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Rubbermaid Commercial Products Outperforms Competition in New Study from ManageMen


Huntersville, N.C. — March 24, 2015 — Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), the leader in innovative, solutions-based commercial products, announces the results of independent testing that demonstrates the optimal cleaning ability of the recently launched MaximizerTM mop.

The study from ManageMen, a leading cleaning industry authority and author of the ISSA Cleaning Times, found that the Maximizer mop performed better than the competition in the categories of weight, ease of use, and worker fatigue.

The testing also indicated that the Maximizer mop, which offers 30 percent more floor coverage, is more efficient than other traditional string mops in the category, providing on average 31 percent faster mopping.

“The results of ManageMen’s findings are indicative of the innovative nature of the Maximizer mop in a category that traditionally has seen little evolution. Rubbermaid Commercial Products designed the Maximizer mop to deliver on specific areas of improvement and provide maximum impact on productivity and efficiency. Our goal is to provide a better way to clean, and the results of this testing show we have succeeded,” said Kristine Sickels, vice president of marketing at RCP.

The results from ManageMen’s testing further substantiate the Maximizer mop’s innovations, fueled by insights from industry and user research, designed to increase cleaning productivity and efficiency. The Maximizer mop’s lightweight design helps to reduce wrist, shoulder, and back pain experienced while mopping with traditional string mops. The Maximizer mop weighs 25 percent less than the standard mop, and according to ManageMen’s testing, holds only 2 to 3 pounds of water, significantly reducing user exertion.

“When we began testing we were surprised at how the Maximizer mop made mopping easier by causing less physical strain. Our tests showed that when cleaning workers mop with the Maximizer mop, using the proper techniques, they should be able to complete daily mopping tasks much quicker than when using traditional string mop configuration,” said Ben Walker, author of 612 Cleaning Times and Tasks and a consultant for ManageMen.

Maximizer Mops can be purchased through distributors nationwide. Visit www.rubbermaidcommercial.com/rcp/maximizer for more information and to locate a distributor. 


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