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Pryme iPhone Compatible Bluetooth Accessories Optimize Kodiak Broadband Push-To-Talk Solutions for Industries Worldwide

Cellular applications have opened a whole new world of communications opportunities for both business and private sectors. Hands-free PTT apps in particular have enabled personnel to communicate quickly and safely over broadband networks, without ever touching their phones.  This is especially important in more demanding fields, such as public safety/security, healthcare, transportation/fleets, occupational safety/hazmat, industrial/mining, manufacturing, construction, utilities/oil and gas, hospitality/entertainment, etc. However, these PTT apps rely on an ecosystem of compatible Bluetooth accessories in order to perform optimally.

Kodiak, the largest carrier-integrated push-to-talk (PTT) broadband network in the world, reached out to accessory providers to support its new iOS platform, and Pryme was the first to deliver iPhone compatible, professional-grade accessories. In fact, Pryme supported Kodiak during the initial development process, long before Kodiak rolled out its iPhone software.

“We worked hard to create Kodiak compatible products, but it was very valuable to be involved at the earliest stage of this major launch,” said Dave George, President of Pryme.

Recently, Kodiak announced that its partner Pryme had certified new Bluetooth 4.0 accessories for use with its carrier-integrated broadband PTT solution. For several years, Pryme has been ahead of the curve in designing and producing an extensive line of Wireless PTT Speaker Microphones, Headsets, and custom Earpieces for both iOS and Android operating systems. Among them is Pryme’s BTH-600-KU Bluetooth remote speaker microphone (RSM) with built-in wireless PTT, a 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Winner. Another recent award winner—The 2016 Mobility TechZone Product of the Year—is Pryme’s BTH-300-KU Bluetooth Microphone Kit, in 8 different versions all with built-in wireless PTT.

Both examples are also Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) models. Thus, Kodiak’s addition of Pryme’s BTLE accessories to its product selection means their customers will communicate longer and without interruption on a single charge.

Nowadays, broadband networks provide users with greater capacity and coverage than traditional land mobile radio.  Mission Critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) location-based applications like Kodiak’s on cellular devices, combined with optimizing Bluetooth accessories like Pryme’s, make workforce-management much more efficient and reliable.

Each industry may have unique and different needs, and whether it’s discrete communications for undercover and surveillance, or remote speaker mics with buttons built for gloves, or PTT buttons clipped to uniforms for one-touch calling, Pryme augments Kodiak’s program with the right wireless accessories for every scenario.




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