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Progressive Materials' High Solids 3201 Silicone Roof Coating (HS-3201)

When quoting roof work, building owners often have to consider a complete roof tear-off to fix their roof. A million-dollar price tag on a roof replacement is not out of the ordinary. With Progressive Materials' High Solids 3201 Silicone Roof Coating (HS-3201), we can nearly cut that cost in half on most roofs.

Technologically, HS-3201 is great because it can be easily adjusted as time and technology changes. Being versatile is very important with any product and HS-3201’s ability to compliment changing technology makes it a roof solution that’s here to stay.

Efficiency and productivity are HS-3201’s strongest attributes. This product eliminates almost all roof tear-offs, cuts staff size in half, and cuts project time in half.

This, coupled with the cost savings, makes HS-3201 a burgeoning staple of the roof industry. None of this matters, however, unless the tenants are satisfied at the end of the job.

HS-3201 doesn’t stop at the job’s end though. This product is so resilient that it comes with an available 20-year warranty, leaving tenants satisfied and leak-free for a half century. Add all of this together and you have a roof coating that is strong, energy-efficient, sustainable, and perfect for nearly all roof substrates!

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