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Construction Specialties' 'Acrovyn by Design' Tapestry

Evidence-based design has proven that nature, when incorporated in interior spaces, has healing results. Designing products that evoke positive feelings in building occupants has been an ongoing pursuit of Construction Specialties. CS Acrovyn® wall protection has evolved over time to offer durable design options ranging from solid colors, to simulated woodgrains, and digital prints. CS is excited to introduce the Tapestry collection, a new Acrovyn by Design® milestone influenced by industry trends, that incorporates authentic materials in the form of fused artisan textiles. 

With the fusion of natural linens, Tapestry’s tactile materials and textures offer a new aesthetic with artisan charm and universal appeal, helping designers create interiors that provide building inhabitants with positive, memorable experiences – from working, to learning, to healing. Tapestry allows designers, architects and end-users to transcend their spaces from “simulated” beauty, into true pieces of natural beauty, without sacrificing performance. Tapestry is a premium design solution that evokes feelings of tranquility, harmony, balance, and healing found in nature, which enrich people’s experiences in the built environment, creating the perfect live-work-play spaces.  


Contact FacilitiesNet Editorial Staff »   posted on: 8/15/2019

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