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Product Release: Pinta Acoustic SONEX Ceiling and Wall System

MINNEAPOLIS — pinta acoustic, inc., the original manufacturer of SONEX acoustic panels for the broadcast and recording industries, has introduced its new, affordable SONEX AFS Ceiling and Wall System. Flexible and resilient, SONEX AFS acoustic plaster finishing system provides a seamless, monolithic look to walls and ceilings. SONEX AFS offers excellent sound absorption with the highest noise reduction coefficient (NRC) on the market today.

SONEX AFS consists of a thin fiberglass mesh laminated to Class 1 fire-rated willtec® open-cell melamine-based foam panels offered in various thicknesses. SONEX AFS panels are directly applied to solid substrates and glued with trowelable acouSTIC water-based adhesive with optional mechanical fasteners. Joints between the panels are taped and finished. Then, two coats of PHONSTOP® PA85 acoustic plaster are trowel-applied to create a smooth, white and porous finish surface that has a slight texture from integral mineral aggregates. Custom color, nonbridging acoustical coating designed for this type of application can also be applied to the dry finish by certified applicators.

"An alternative to a traditional acoustic drop ceiling with exposed grid, SONEX AFS provides a sleek, monolithic look with excellent sound absorption qualities," says Joerg Hutmacher, business unit manager, pinta acoustic.

Sound energy travels through the acoustic plaster surface and is absorbed into the willtec core beyond to deliver a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC)—up to 1.05.

SONEX AFS panels are large and lightweight for quicker coverage and shorter installation time. Flexible and resilient for durability, panels can be applied to flat or curved solid substrates after electrical, lighting, HVAC and fire-sprinkler systems have been installed.

SONEX AFS Ceiling and Wall Systems are appropriate for applications including high-end interior spaces, government buildings and public spaces, restaurants, theaters and concert halls, museums and galleries and indoor swimming pool facilities.

For information or a sample, visit www.pinta-acoustic.com/afs or call 1.800.662.0032 or +1 612.355.4250.

pinta acoustic, inc. manufactures a broad range of attractive ceiling tiles, wall panels and other acoustical materials for commercial and industrial applications, including CONTOUR® Ceiling and Wall Tiles, HARMONI Ceiling Tiles, WHITELINE® Ceiling Tiles, SQUARELINE® Metal Ceiling Tiles, BIOLINE® Wood Ceiling Tiles, PHONSTOP™ Ceiling and Wall Tiles, WHISPERWAVE™ Panels, Baffles, Ceiling Clouds and Awnings, FABRITEC Wall Panels, SONEX® Panels and Baffles, SONEX Clean Baffles, Panels and Ceiling Tiles, SONEX Rondo Baffles, PROSPEC Decibel Drop™ Viscoelastic Damping Compound, PROSPEC® Barrier, Foam and Composite Materials, and Ceiling Grid products. 
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