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Platform Allows For Occupant HVAC Control

Acuity Brands, Inc., has announced that Distech Controls launched the ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem platform. The platform provides occupant control for offices and hospitality spaces as well as healthcare and educational buildings. By utilizing Bluetooth wireless communications, the ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem platform allows occupants to easily manage comfort settings within their space using familiar technology, such as a mobile device.

“Because the average person in the United States spends the majority of their life indoors, much of that in buildings such as hospitals, schools or office spaces, there is an emerging focus on optimizing the indoor environment,” said Charles Pelletier, Director of Product Management at Distech Controls. “We all have different, often subtle, preferences for temperature and light levels. Our new platform allows occupants in building spaces to have greater personal control over these elements in their indoor environment through the my PERSONIFY app on their mobile device.”

The ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem platform includes the Allure UNITOUCHTM touchscreen, my PERSONIFY app, and EC-Multi-Sensor sensing and communicating device. The cutting-edge user interface of the Allure UNITOUCH is fitted with its own touch sensor. With its built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, it can be paired with a smartphone for quick and easy adjustment of room comfort settings such as HVAC, lighting and sunblinds. The EC-Multi-Sensor BLE features a motion detector, light sensor, temperature sensor, and a BLE transceiver that together enable the wireless control of comfort settings in building spaces. The my PERSONIFY app is easily customizable for each user through its intuitive interface.

Occupant well-being is an increasingly important consideration for optimizing workplace performance, reducing absenteeism and boosting morale.1i

“Occupants using our new platform technology can quickly and easily modify the environmental conditions according to their own requirements in spaces such as hotel rooms, cellular offices or classrooms” said Martin Villeneuve, President of Distech Controls. “We were able to create an occupant-focused and mobile-accessible platform, putting employees or guests in charge of their own spaces to maximize comfort, control and well-being, the interface of which can blend aesthetically in the environment as it is available in black and white finishes.”

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