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Otis: Company Presents its Next-Generation Connected Elevator, the New Gen2

Cannes, France — March 14, 2016 — At the MIPIM international real estate show March 15-18, Otis revealed its new generation of intelligent, connected elevators, adapted to the trend of increased digitalization of building systems: the New Gen2 elevator. 

Otis, the world’s largest manufacturer and maintainer of people-moving products, including elevators, escalators, and moving walkways, is a unit of United Technologies Corp.

The New Gen2 is redesigned to match today’s connected world. It is based on Gen2 technology that reduces energy use and optimizes space inside the building, and integrates two new major directions of elevator design: greater connectivity and a more user-friendly experience for passengers.

The New Gen2 elevator comes with three connectivity components, making the elevator experience simpler for building owners and passengers:

• With Otis' eCall mobile application, residents or visitors to buildings can call and direct the elevator at a distance from their smartphones. No need to push the button to call the elevator and indicate the floor; it is all handled by the app for reduced waiting time, a more streamlined approach, and no touching of public buttons.

• For users who haven’t downloaded the eCall app, the OneCall dashboard on the elevator landing provides intuitive floor selection from outside the elevator. A simple touch of the keypad outside the cabin calls the elevator and directly selects the floor.

• The eView screen inside the cabin enriches the ride with real-time information that can be customized in every building. For the first time as a standard option, Otis is offering building managers the opportunity to provide customized information directly to passengers, including building updates and activities, weather reports, traffic information, and recorded playlists.

“Connecting everyday users to their elevator with digital tools and mobile apps customizes the individual experience and makes it more fluid,” said Christophe Maureau, salesm, marketing, and communications director, new equipment, Otis Europe, Middle East, and Africa. “It also saves time and energy because with these tools, elevator movement is optimized, automatically reducing the energy footprint of our installations in the building.”

In addition to increased connectivity, the New Gen2 elevator also features enhanced aesthetic options, providing more than 400,000 possible combinations of textures, colors, lighting, and materials to fit any architectural style. With the CabCreate tool, building managers and designers can choose a cabin atmosphere tailored for their buildings, with natural and modern options.




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