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Masonry Cleaner Targets Enhanced Performance

A new restoration cleaner from PROSOCO simplifies the masonry cleaning process for buildings made with multiple materials and substrates.

Sure Klean ReVeal is formulated to clean atmospheric and carbon staining from most kinds of masonry and stone, including architectural concrete block, concrete, fired clay, granite, sandstone, slate and unpolished limestone, marble and travertine. It can also remove soiling and hard-to-remove deposits, such as white scum, from window glass, and is safe for use around most architectural metals. This feature virtually eliminates the need to specially protect and cover many other non-masonry substrates and materials during the cleaning process.

“Our products have always been designed for the real world and times in which they’re used,” said Jake Boyer, head of PROSOCO’s Clean and Protect Group. “We recognize that more and more structures of all types are designed with multiple building materials and substrates. While we still approach each project and substrate on a case-by-case basis and have specialized products to clean and protect each of those unique substrates, on many buildings, a specialized cleaner for each of those unique materials may not be a viable cleaning and restoration strategy. We’re proud to launch ReVeal as a next-generation formulation that safely and effectively cleans a wide variety of substrates and materials.”

Not having to worry about covering windows was a big advantage for M-A Building & Maintenance when it cleaned the exterior of the Halle Building in Cleveland, Ohio, earlier this year.

“When you clean masonry, stone or terra cotta with restoration cleaners, you have an issue of protecting other surfaces like windows, automobiles and other things like that,” said John Wamelink, vice president of the company. “It’s very expensive to do that, and it increases the risk in your whole process. We wanted the safest possible product, and we asked for something that wasn’t going to harm windows. (ReVeal) did not seem to harm the windows and did not cause a problem with harming other surfaces.”

Safer and less corrosive than conventional restoration cleaners based on hydrofluoric acid or ammonium bifluoride, ReVeal comes in liquid form, rather than a gel, facilitating a shorter dwell time that lets contractors finish the job faster.

Low-odor and non-fuming, ReVeal restores clarity to most common flush window glass that shows streaks and damage from pollution, and water rundown from adjacent building materials.

ReVeal is available in 1-gallons, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. It’s compliant in all jurisdictions for sale and use. Always test to ensure desired results.

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