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Leviton's Wireless Structured Media Centers

As more internet-connected devices permeate all areas of residential and light commercial buildings, architects, designers, developers and business owners require stronger wireless and wired network infrastructure to support occupants and provide a market advantage. Leviton today announced a new family of Wireless Structured Media Centers and accessories that create an ideal distribution location for wireless and cabled networks, with an unprecedented range of innovations that make them easy to install, populate, and maintain.

“The rapid increase in data demand has resulted in a need to support more wireless equipment and active network gear in a centralized location,” said Mike Hansen, product manager for Leviton Network Solutions. “Leviton Wireless Structured Media Centers are designed to give architects, specifiers, builders, developers, and facility managers the wireless signal strength, capacity, and thermal management needed for next generation speeds.”

The U.S.-made Wireless Structured Media Center enclosures, doors, and covers are designed and manufactured to permit the full reach of wireless signals by diminishing the effect of interference. The ABS polymer enclosures come in three sizes — 14, 28, and 42 inches — and are compatible with Leviton’s full line of Connected Home patch panels, voice, data, video, and audio quick-connect distribution modules. 

The Wireless Structured Media Centers are also designed with innovative features that allow for labor savings on installation, greater mounting flexibility, more capacity, and better thermal management to ensure the performance and longevity of active equipment: 

  •  Labor savings of $1,400 per 100 units, due to faster installation of doors, unique non-scoring knockouts for faster removal, and bulk pack options for more efficient deployment.
  • A pioneering Ratcheting Hinge & Latch System creates fast, tool-free door installations. The unique ratcheting feature adjusts to varying wall-board thicknesses and compensates for minor dry-wall imperfections for a professional-looking flush fit.
  • Innovative Vented Hinged Doors feature Tri-Plane Heat Dissipation, which promotes better intake of cool air and outward flow of warm air, extending the life of active equipment inside the enclosure.
  • The new doors and covers are also available as a stand-alone product and are ideal for retrofitting existing metal Leviton enclosures to improve wireless signal coverage.
  • Doors allow for a 180-degree swing that won’t swing shut and can be positioned to open left or right, providing flexibility in tight spaces.
  • A Multi-Bay Attachment Tube accessory allows for an expandable FTTH multi-bay system for service providers. The tube joins two fully independent Structured Media Centers, isolating enclosures for better security and heat containment.
  • The enclosures are available in stacked bulk packs for large scale projects, with a unique nesting feature that ensures enclosures will not stick together when unpacking.
  • A range of new accessories are also available to create a clean and organized enclosure, including a Universal Shelf Bracket for supporting active equipment, Cable Routing Rings, Grommets for protecting incoming cables, and snap-in Saddle Ties, and VELCRO® for better cable management.

For more information, visit Leviton.com/connectedhome.


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