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Kaba Mas X-10 First to Meet General Services Administration (GSA) Approval

After extensive General Services Administration (GSA) testing, the X-10 high-security electromechanical combination lock, developed by Kaba Mas, has been determined to meet the U.S. Government's requirements and expectations for an electromechanical combination lock designed and manufactured to protect unattended national security information (NSI).
The X-10 is a self-powered combination lock using Kaba's PowerStar™ technology and is impervious to external manipulation and environmental attack. The X-10 has been specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements of the U.S. Government Federal Specification FF-L-2740B, Style 1 and is the first to be approved for the Qualified Products List (QPL) and will be added upon the next QPL revision. We are looking forward to meeting the supply demand once the GSA begins their procurement process, but at the current time, the X-10 is not commercially available.

The Federal Specification FF-L-2740B supersedes FF-L-2740A, describes the electromechanical combination locks approved under this specification that will be used on new and existing GSA approved security containers, vault doors and with pedestrian door deadbolts. "Meeting the new Federal Specification on the only submittal and being the first to be approved by the GSA validates our commitment to innovation," says Virgil Boler, Agency Approval Liaison of Kaba Mas. "The testing and evaluation is an ongoing process. Our responsibility extends beyond the initial operational examination. We are responsible for the performance of each and every lock we produce. Material and quality inspections of the X-10 will be administered continuously and are an integral component of our achievement."
The X-10 provides all the benefits of high-security electronic locking while maintaining the reliability of a mechanical lock, independent of batteries or outside power sources.

About Kaba Mas
Located in Lexington, Kentucky, Kaba Mas is a subsidiary of the Kaba (SWX-KABN). The Kaba Group is headquartered in Rumlang, Switzerland with over 7,500 employees in nearly 60 countries. Kaba Mas, formerly the Mas-Hamilton Group, was founded in 1989 and with its Kaba and LA GARD brands is dedicated to satisfying end-users' needs for security, control and accountability. For more information, visit www.kaba-mas.com.

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