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Iot Software Can Improve Business Operations


Acuity Brands, Inc. has announced a complete, end-to-end indoor positioning services (IPS) solution comprised of two Atrius Internet of Things (IoT) platform services: Atrius Navigator software development kit (SDK), leveraging cloud-based services and administrative tools, and Atrius Insights spatial analytics web application. The Atrius indoor positioning solution (IPS) helps businesses develop applications that redefine how customers interact with their space and enhance business operations.

The Atrius Navigator SDK enables the development of mobile applications that provide IPS and location-based services (LBS), such as point of interest search, wayfinding (blue dot navigation), proximity marketing and geo-fencing. Atrius Navigator services acquire data from luminaires enabled with Atrius. These luminaires, which are embedded with Bluetooth Low Energy and/or Visible Light Communication technologies, create a dense Atrius Sensory Network that canvasses indoor and adjacent outdoor environments to provide highly precise location accuracy.

“Most IPS systems require installing and maintaining beacons, but with our Atrius Sensory Network, the hardware is embedded into our luminaires so you get an adaptable solution with superior coverage and ubiquity, plus cost savings from energy efficiency,” says Greg Carter, vice president with Acuity Technology Group.

Atrius Insights transforms IPS and LBS data, acquired from Atrius or third-party indoor positioning systems, into spatial analytics using map-based visualization. Insights delivers real-time and historical intelligence on where and when visitors spend their time in a space, including traffic flow, dwell times, number of first time and return visits, visit volume by time of day and congestion.

“Atrius Navigator and Insights complete the IPS solution, providing full integration into a mobile app along with real-time analytics to advance the way customers experience a space, and how businesses manage real-time operations and services,” Carter says. “We’re excited by the prospect of furthering innovation in the IPS and LBS spaces with these next-generation Atrius IoT tools.”

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