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HVAC Load Reduction Modules Remove Carbon Dioxide and VOCs from Indoor Air


Dec. 11, 2014 — enVerid’s patented HVAC Load Reduction (HLR) solution implements revolutionary technology that actually removes CO2 as well as VOCs and other molecular contaminants from indoor air.

By enabling extreme reductions in air replacement without compromising indoor air quality, enVerid HLR systems provide phenomenal HVAC energy savings. These savings are usually additive to and independent of other efficiency improvements in cooling, circulation, or insulation.

The culmination of years of painstaking research and protected by a broad range of patents, enVerid’s advanced technologies include material science breakthroughs originating from major national laboratories as well as core technologies developed by our own engineers and scientists.

enVerid’s novel approach to indoor air quality management is based on a combination of unique sorbent materials. These materials are highly selective in their ability to remove unwanted indoor air contaminants,and are easily regenerated in-situ for repeated cyclical use.

In the HLR system’s adsorption mode, a small portion of the indoor air flows through the sorbents and contaminants are captured, allowing clean air to flow back into the building. When the sorbent is saturated, the HLR automatically isolates and purges the sorbents with heated outside air.

While material science and chemical engineering are the foundation of enVerid’s technology, our operational algorithms and control software are essential for our HLR modules to be a complete and economically advantageous solution to maintaining indoor air quality, eliminating outdated methods of high-volume air replacement.

Finally, enVerid’s innovative and patented mechanical designs enable HLR modules that are easily scalable and integrated into the existing ventilation infrastructure of almost any building, and which can scrub large volumes of rapidly circulating air without disrupting HVAC operation.

The HLR modules save energy by automatically reducing the intake of outside air to the bare minimum required by means of electromechanical dampers on the outside air inlets. Typically 80 percent or more of the outside air introduced in traditional replacement scenarios can be eliminated by HLR systems, and a comparable proportion of the associated heating or cooling energy is saved. Even with the reduction of outside air, enough air is brought into the building to maintain positive pressure, and to replace the total air volume at least once a day.

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