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GEE: 4 Benefits to LED Retrofitting

Great Eastern Energy (GEE), a licensed supplier of electricity, natural gas, and energy management solutions, today announced the launch of their LED Retrofitting program. GEE's suite of products are offered to help bring an energy-efficient lifestyle and sustainable business practices to their customers, making LED Retrofitting a natural extension of their product line. By offering a flexible financing program, they're able to make LED Retrofitting available to businesses of all sizes.

LED Retrofitting with Great Eastern Energy is a long-term investment that effectively reduces your energy usage, thereby reducing costs. Upgrading to LED lighting can help lower operational and maintenance expenditures, increase ROI, and improve your business's overall bottom line.

How it works:

• Step 1: GEE will schedule and prepare an onsite custom lighting audit and determine what your lighting costs are now compared to what it would be with an LED Retrofit combined with an electricity supply agreement.

• Step 2: You'll get a detailed cost-saving analysis for a 2-year term.

• Step 3: Sign your LED and electricity supply agreement with Great Eastern Energy with no additional upfront costs. Instead of making an upfront installation payment, the LED Retrofit cost is distributed across a 24-month electricity supply agreement, making the switch to GEE for LED and electricity supply an easy and cost-effective choice.

"We're excited for our commercial customers to begin implementing LED Retrofitting, as it's one of the most significant and easiest ways to reduce energy costs and increase the bottom line for their business," says Matthew Lanfear, President and CEO with GEE. "The opportunity to be able to provide flexible financing makes the decision easy for all businesses, which is an important part of Great Eastern Energy's philosophy."

Benefits of LED Retrofitting include:

  • More Environmentally Friendly: Go green with LEDs. LED lights are 100% recyclable. One LED light bulb can save the material necessary to produce 25 incandescent light bulbs. Improve the "Mood" of your Facility: Studies show that lighting provided by LED lights can vastly improve people's mood and productivity. Elevate the atmosphere for your customers and employees with less stressful LED lighting.
  • Reduce Maintenance Expenses: LED lighting lasts longer than traditional bulbs and is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Decrease your Energy Overhead: LED lighting reduces your energy overhead by significantly lowering the cost of consumption. This is due to the fact that LED lighting is produced more efficiently and requires less energy to cool.
  • Anything but One Size Fits All: LED lighting is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. An LED Retrofit can be fully customized to suite your business's specific needs.

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