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Free Educational Track on Building Automation Planned for 2017 AHR Show

A free educational track at the 2017 AHR show will examine “The Future of Building Automation — The Self Learning Edge Revolution." The track is organized and moderated by Ken Sinclair, founder of AutomatedBuildings.com 

The first session (Monday, Jan. 30, 9 am) will examine the exceptional future of the building automation market. Advanced automation will not be just some accommodation with building information technology, it will be a full embrace of IT. Systems will be smarter, innovative, and sophisticated. Systems will automatically configure and integrate new equipment where the system can optimize itself, self-manage and self-heal. 

Every device manufacturer and software cloud service provider is now looking at how they can use machine self learning from their collected big data to enhance their services and provide more value. The Edge Revolution coupled with machine learning will do what the DDC revolution with programed logic did to pneumatics. Completely replacing an industry, while providing a quantum leap in capabilities, connection, control and apparent simplification of everything. The Edge revolution uses new powerful mobile phones like edge devices purposely built for cloud communication with amazing computing power and low cost memory which is redefining our DDC systems capabilities and architecture. 

This opening session will expand on last year's session in Orlando.  The possible is presently impossible without transformative change, but the map of the possible is leading rapidly to help define the change that is now required everywhere in our industry. 

Other sessions: 

• Monday, Jan. 30, 1:30 pm: “Analytics and Data – Are we focusing on the most important thing - Productivity?”

Productivity as the new measured variable requires a considerable change in thinking and attitudes towards maintaining buildings and assets; budgets to support it, resources to execute it. The impact on the total value of productivity of the people present plus sharing the space via hoteling of our building environment drives a completely new metric. 

While it’s certainly true that analytics can help save energy, if we only consider energy as the justification for analytics then I think we are missing the bigger issue — the impact on the building environment and ultimately people. 

• Tuesday, Feb. 1, 9 am: “Elevating Occupant Engagement and Maximizing Human Comfort” 

This presentation will expand on the merit of interconnectivity and its role in tenant engagement and human comfort. Exploring the concepts of building intelligence and its potential to elevate the tenant experience. Learn about the Internet of Things (IoT), and other social media platforms and concepts to enhance system interaction and the ability of your building to support and react to changing tenant behavior. 

• Tuesday, Feb 1, 1:30 pm: Productivity, The Power of People an Industry Discussion.

Industry thought leader will provide their views on: Productivity, Occupant Engagement, and Comfort. If we only consider energy as the justification then we are missing the bigger issue – the impact on the building environment and ultimately people.

This is our fifth annual connection community collaboratory; please join us and share your views.




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