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Flexible Clamp Meters and Versatility

Emerson is expanding its Greenlee test and measurement offering with four new meters and probes: the CMF Series, CMF-110 and CMF-118 Flexible Clamp Meters, and FC Series, FC-110 and FC-118, Flexible Clamp Current Probes. The flexible coils allow professionals to measure current in hard-to-reach cables and large conductors that hard-jaw clamp meters cannot clamp around.

CMF Series (Flexible Clamp Meters)
Available in either 10-inch or 18-inch flexible coil offerings, Greenlee’s new CMF Series Flexible Clamp Meter is a standalone meter that accurately measures true RMS AC current, AC voltage, resistance, frequency and inrush current, and has a bright LCD screen to display measurements clearly. CMF Series features a flexible coil that professionals can easily thread around large conductors. Capable of reading measurements up to 3000-amps, the CMF Series has a convenient auto or manual range selection and a unique data hold function that captures measurement for reading after the professional removes the meter from the conductor or enclosure.

FC Series (Flexible Clamp Current Probe)
Greenlee’s new FC Series Flexible Clamp Current Probe offerings are compatible with most meters – that measure AC millivolts – using universal banana leads. Available in 10-inch or 18-inch coil options, the FC Series add measurement capability of up to 3000-amps to existing meters. A manual range selection feature for AC current enhances performance by allowing the professional to select measurement ranges up to 30-amps, 300-amps or 3000-amps.

“Flexible clamp meters allow professionals to measure current in tight spaces and on large conductors without breaking the circuit,” said Katey Earley, Product Specialist for Greenlee, Emerson. “The new flexible clamp meters are designed to be versatile and easy to use. They also have a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty to ensure years of use.”

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