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Expanded Boiler Line Aims to Improve Versatility

Bryan Boilers expands its condensing offering with the BFIT Series of condensing boilers. Unique in the condensing industry, the BFIT boiler provides access to heat exchanger and burner for cleaning and maintenance previously unavailable in condensing space. Leave it to Bryan to bring some common sense to ensure long lasting reliability and efficient operation.

BFIT boilers require 46 percent less space than competitive models and an optional racking system allows for double the BTU’s within the same footprint. Large diameter, circular tubes provide desired waterside traits for variable flow or primary/secondary applications.

A proven 5:1 turndown system reliably starts call after call and eliminates multiple, seasonal start-ups or excess air diluting condensing efficiency at low fire. Flexible venting options include up to 200 equivalent feet of venting in CPVC, polypropylene or AL29-4c in Cat 4 or Cat 2 common venting with an engineered vent system. The Concert Boiler Control features Intuitive Icon Navigation with “touch and move through” menus at commissioning or connecting with Energy Management Systems. The control also features USB data port for sharing data, industry leading self-guiding diagnostics with fault and correction feature, and unmatched archives for logging operational information.

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