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Evive Stations Make it Easy to Be Green and to "Clean Between"

Evive Stations are free water fill stations that are placed in universities, clubs, and large corporation campuses to help eliminate the senseless waste caused by disposable plastic bottles. The dispensed water is free to users, and the Stations are provided at no charge to the facilities. More than a free water fill, Evive Stations provide complimentary unlimited bottle cleaning, no matter how many times per day, week, month, or year the user goes to the Station.

Why bottle cleaning? Why not just free filtered water? Although many people have made an effort to maintain a sustainable lifestyle by carrying reusable water bottles, these bottles have been proven to harbor more germs than the user may realize. The only real way to ensure the safe everyday use of a reusable bottle is to have a convenient way to clean it on the go. Until Evive Stations, there wasn’t one. The Evive bottle can conveniently handle a variety of beverages in one day with no lingering tastes; for example, hot tea in the morning, a switch to water, then to a fountain drink, then back to water. With Evive Stations, users can “clean between” and enjoy all of these beverages in the same bottle.

When users scan their personalized bottle at the kiosk, enter their PIN, and insert the bottle into the machine, it is cleaned by 1,500 PSI of water pressure and a sanitizing rinse, then dried, and filled in about one minute (or simply refilled in 30 seconds) with chilled, filtered water. Evive Stations are always ready to dispense, but are programmed to enter “sleep mode” when not in use, thus conserving energy.

The cost of Evive Stations is offset by advertising revenue—that is, advertisers pay Evive to market their products directly to individuals as they fill their bottles. The Evive Station “recognizes” the user and delivers video or static ad messages that match their specific interests during the clean and fill. Advertisers can also sponsor Evive bottles and Stations.

The Stations are designed to offer real-time, dynamic feedback and survey results to advertisers regarding their messaging and products. Plus, the interactive Station’s dashboard allows users to ask for more information and immediately receive offers, coupons, or product details on their iPhones or Androids (Evive app required).

About Evive Station

Evive Station’s mission is to bring maximum convenience to the reusable water bottle user, thereby reducing the number of throwaway plastic water bottles in landfills and reducing waste and litter in public places. Evive Station kicked off its venture with stations on the campus of West Virginia University. In January 2013, 100 Evive Stations will be installed on other campuses. For more information, please contact Evive Station at 1-855-MyEvive (1-855-693-8483) or visit evivestation.com.

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