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Emergency Backup Power: Blog Focuses on Culture of Innovation

New York City — June 22, 2015 — The Emergency Backup Power blog zeros in on what it can mean for a company to have a culture of innovation.

These days, it seems, more and more companies encourage a corporate culture that embraces innovation. Today’s forward-thinking companies support innovation in a number of ways.

Some acquire innovative technology by purchasing start-ups that have products in development or at the idea stage but lack the resources to take the products to market.

Other companies introduce and fund initiatives within their existing infrastructure and among existing employees, even hiring an “innovator-in-chief” to take the helm.

Still others ally with other companies in joint enterprises to incubate ideas for new products and/or services.

And some take advantage of innovative ways to share technical information that would be helpful to their customers and others.

One common denominator helping foment innovation is commitment from the top down.

The Emergency Backup Power blog “visits” four companies that have approached innovation, each in its own distinct way. To learn more, click here.



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