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Elevance Announces Expanded Market Applications, New Certifications for Elevance Clean 1200


Woodridge, Ill. — March 24, 2015 — Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc., a high-growth specialty chemical company that creates novel specialty chemicals from natural oils, announced that it is expanding market applications for Elevance Clean 1200, a high-performing and no-VOC ingredient, to respond to strong customer interest in improving the performance of cleaning formulations.

Elevance is expanding upon the ingredient’s current applications — manufacturing and transportation maintenance — to include industrial and institutional laundry, food processing and food service, and oil and gas. Elegance Clean 1200’s performance attributes are described below for the three new applications:

Industrial and Institutional Laundry: Provides superior stain removal and detergent boosting across a range of greases on both cotton and polyester blends, including animal fat and engine oil in textile and laundry applications.

Food Processing and Food Service: Eliminates tough-to-clean fats and greases at neutral pH and lower temperatures versus caustic alternatives, enabling safer and more efficient cleaning operations in industrial and institutional food processing.

Oil and Gas: Enhances typical polymers in paraffin control in oil field applications and removes asphaltenes and crude oil at high efficacy, compared to standard cleaners, from oil production and refinery equipment.

In addition, Elevance has also obtained three much-sought-after certifications for Elevance Clean 1200:

• Listed in the USDA BioPreferred catalogue with 69 percent bio-renewable carbon.

• Listed on the CleanGredients database, as a component of the U.S. EPA DfE (Design for the Environment) program for use of safer chemicals.

• Certified as a cleaning ingredient by NSF for non-food contact applications.

“Finished products based on Elevance Clean 1200 are entering the market and paving the way for additional cleaning applications, such as industrial and institutional laundry, food processing and food service, and oil and gas,” said Andy Corr, Elevance senior vice president, Consumer and Industrial Ingredients.

“Thanks to its versatility and proven performance, Elevance Clean 1200 makes it possible for customers to meet the needs of these new markets and explore others in the future. At Elevance, we’re transforming renewable oils into innovative products that are enabling manufacturers to create remarkable cleaning solutions.”

Elevance Clean 1200 is highly compatible across a range of aqueous and organic solutions while being used at neutral pH and can be used directly, blended with other ingredients or emulsified with the addition of surfactants. Bio-based, safe-to-use, and having no VOCs, Elevance Clean 1200 meets increasingly restrictive environmental requirements, a key benefit as industries continue to come under pressure to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally.

Elevance Clean 1200 also provides an alternative to a growing number of aromatic solvents appearing on the EPA's Toxics Release Inventory, which is based on a combined health and safety profile, with a focus on toxicity, VOC emissions, and handling.

Further, Elevance Clean 1200 is non-flammable, improving worker safety while providing excellent grease removal at neutral pH, allowing for much safer and easier handling than highly caustic and acidic cleaners.

Elevance Clean 1200 is produced from large, local commodity crop sources with proven price stability compared to key alternatives like d-limonene, and is available through Elevance’s world-scale biorefinery in Gresik, Indonesia, a 180,000 MT joint venture with Wilmar International Limited.

About Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.: Headquartered in Woodridge, Ill., Elevance is a high-growth specialty chemical company that creates novel specialty chemicals that perform better from renewable feedstocks, making the products that industry and consumers use every day better.

Using a proprietary technology called olefin metathesis, the company delivers specialty chemicals that exceed the performance of existing products while leaving a smaller environmental footprint. The chemicals are for use in personal care products, detergents and cleaners, engineered polymers, lubricants and additives, and other specialty chemicals markets. To learn more, visit www.elevance.com or www.renewicals.com.


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