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EDT Corp Raises the Sanitation Bar with KleanCap™ Screws

EDT Corp has introduced the KleanCap™ bearing locking device as a more sanitary alternative to socket-head screws which are typically used to lock insert bearings onto shafts, including in the company's DoubleLock® locking sleeve. The raised-hex head of the KleanCap™ screw eliminates the traditional socket design which can harbor bacteria.

The DoubleLock® sleeve is a clamp-style shaft protector made of 316 stainless steel. EDT makes locking sleeves to protect equipment shafts from being worn by the bearing, laterally retain the shaft within a mounted bearing, and provide a premium surface finish on which a bearing runs, maximizing bearing life. KleanCap™ screws are now standard components on DoubleLock® sleeves; they can also be purchased individually to retrofit onto DoubleLock® sleeves already on equipment or in inventory.

KleanCap™ screws are available in sizes ¼-28 x 5/8", 5/16-24 x 5/8" and 3/8-24 x 1." They are installed with a hex driver rather than an Allen wrench, which allows more positive installation than a socket-head device.

EDT Corp has more than 30 years experience manufacturing bearings especially for food processing and other severe-service environments. EDT bearing products are made of non-corrosive materials, with smooth, solid surfaces designed with sanitation in mind. EDT radial plane bearings operate without grease. With these features, EDT bearings are well suited to being included in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) programs. EDT Corp radial plane bearings are the only USDA-accepted bearings available. By eliminating the issues related to maintaining greased bearings in locations where grease is counter-productive, EDT bearings are very low maintenance, operating reliably, even in locations subject to moisture, high- or low- temperatures, subjected to washdown or steam or intermittent motion.

For more information on KleanCap™ DoubleLock® sleeves and EDT's line of grease-less plane bearings, known as Poly-Round® bearings, contact: Scott Davis, EDT Corp National Sales Manager, 360-574-7294, scottd@edtcorp.com


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KleanCap™: link to http://edtcorp.com/docs/DoubleLock(r)%204-page%20flyer%201011.pdf
EDT Corp: link to http://edtcorp.com/
HACCP: link to http://www.fda.gov/food/foodsafety/hazardanalysiscriticalcontrolpointshaccp/default.htm

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