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Communications Platform Offers a New Tool For Issuing Life Safety Alerts

Incidences of mass violence are increasing at a rate that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. In the event of a violent attack, alerting the members of a threatened community and providing them with fast, accurate, trusted information could mean the difference between life and death. Law enforcement officials are often forced to use a patchwork of social media tools to communicate urgent information to people in affected communities, but none of these platforms were ever intended for this purpose.

Telecommunications company In-telligent has developed a solution that fills this void.  Its innovative new communications platform and related iOS and Android applications have been developed to give community managers a better tool for distributing vital information during stressful situations. The In-telligent platform and accompanying apps are free to use for everyone. 

“In-telligent was designed to keep people safer and better informed,” said Allan Sutherland, In-telligent’s founder and CEO. “In-telligent’s emergency notification override feature, coupled with In-telligent’s auto-locate and subscribe technology, ensure that messages distributed through the In-telligent portal will reach and be noticed by the most people possible.” In-telligent users can also send information to the community leaders allowing critical information to immediately reach decision makers during stressful times.

In-telligent is easy to set-up and use. Users need only download the app from either the Play or App Store, launch the app, and create a user account.  Once done, they will automatically be added to any In-telligent community when they are physically within its predetermined geographic borders. Users can also manually choose to follow a particular community enabling them to receive alerts from that community regardless of their location when alerts are issued.

 “The In-telligent platform can be implemented in any community within hours,” Sutherland said, “We are dedicated to making the process as easy and as painless as possible.” 

Integrating In-telligent into a community’s emergency communication procedures ensures that they are better prepared for the unexpected, and that their residents and visitors are safer and more informed during a crisis situation.  “In-telligent was born out of passionate desire to give communities a better tool to communicate, to heighten their awareness and enjoyment of their surroundings, and help keep them safe,” concluded Sutherland.

Visit www.in-telligent.com to find out how to build or become a part of an In-telligent community.




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