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City of Los Angeles Purchases EnergyCAP, Bill CAPture

The City of Los Angeles has acquired EnergyCAP utility bill management software through a General Services Administration (GSA) process for comprehensive tracking and reporting of electric, natural gas and water utilities.

The City of Los Angeles will use EnergyCAP to better manage and streamline the utility billing process of the Department of General Services (DGS). Toward that end, the City has also purchased Bill CAPture services from EnergyCAP to better facilitate import of utility bill data to a multi-commodity database. "EnergyCAP will help enhance energy analytics, identify cost savings, improve reporting quality and processes, and provide greater accessibility to historical utilities data," said Blaine Clapper, EnergyCAP's Assistant VP & CMO, Sales & Marketing.

Bill CAPture will acquire the City's utility bills from vendors, import them, and validate the results using EnergyCAP's extensive audit library. Bill images acquired during the Bill CAPture process will be linked to each billing record, providing EnergyCAP users with an instant visual display of the actual bills at any time.

The Los Angeles software acquisition was secured quickly thanks to a GSA process that took just over four months from initial contact to contract, according to Phil Kolb, Marketing Account Manager at EnergyCAP. Enterprise-level software purchases at large municipalities often can take 12 months or longer.

When implementation has been completed, utility bills for the entire Los Angeles DGS property portfolio, including approximately 3,000 water and electric meters and another 500+ natural gas meters, will be tracked with EnergyCAP.

For more information, visit http://www.energycap.com. The City's website is https://www.lacity.org/


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