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Bugzilla All Natural Indoor Pest Control

Bugzilla All Natural Indoor Pest Control is pet-safe, eco-friendly and provides for the safe and thorough eradication of indoor insect pests. After testing many natural combinations of plant-based insecticides, Amazing Grace Super Naturals, LLC created Bugzilla in 2005. Bugzilla has proven to be an extremely effective insect spray that is the GREEN alternative to highly toxic commercial pesticides. Bugzilla is so safe it can be used on or near food preparation surfaces.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency exempts Bugzilla from the requirement to register and considers both its active and inert ingredients to be of “minimal risk” under the Federal Insecticide and Rodenticide Act. Bugzilla is also non-staining and cleans up easily.

A carefully formulated blend of botanical essential oils and food grade ingredients, Bugzilla is so powerful it will amaze you. Wherever you spray Bugzilla insects disappear and they disappear for months…even longer! Bugzilla can be used to fight bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, fruit flies, moths, earwigs, spiders and many other common indoor insect pests.

Currently, Bugzilla is being used by thousands of homeowners nationwide as well as restaurants, wineries and institutional foodservices. You can order Bugzilla at www.BugzillaIsSafe.com. Email: cgrace@BugzillaIsSafe.com 315-673-1688

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