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Boon Edam: Hofstra University Standardizes on Security Entrances


Lillington, N.C. — May 19, 2015 — Boon Edam Inc. announced that Hofstra University, in New York, continues to roll out installation of turnstile entrances to eventually cover all of their residence halls for increased safety and security.

Located 25 miles east of New York City in Hempstead, Long Island, Hofstra University campus boasts 115 buildings on 240 acres, 1180 faculty members, and over 7,000 full-time undergraduate students. With so many students in a densely populated area of Long Island, Hofstra takes student safety quite seriously.

Prior to installing Boon Edam, student Resident Safety Representatives (RSRs) monitored thousands of students entering the residential halls as they swiped ID cards to enter through sliding doors. Tailgating was far too common, especially with large groups, and the RSRs were forced to intervene and stop fellow students from unauthorized entry. This was an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation. 

The university decided to install full-height turnstiles at entrances to residential halls and complexes to work with their existing access control system. “To date, seven turnstiles have been installed to cover seven residential towers”, Bob McDonald, associate director of public safety, explained. “Our employees appreciate the greater control and our parents feel much more comfortable.” 

Hofstra University uses Boon Edam’s full-height turnstiles along with a card-swipe access control system to manage and monitor the access of students and guests into residential halls. Students swipe their HofstraCard ID and pass through a turnstile, one at a time. Guests must sign in with the RSR at the front desk before being allowed to enter. Using full-height turnstiles ensures that students or guests cannot jump or crawl through to the secure side. Handicapped students enter using their HofstraCard ID at a supervised automatic emergency exit door.

For entrances within residential complexes, Hofstra uses Boon Edam’s transparent, Turnlock 200EL full-height turnstile to create a security entrance with an aesthetic, open appearance. The clear Lexan panels allow light to pass through the entrance while the rugged engineering handles the high throughput. 

For more information, visit www.boonedam.us.

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