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Boiler Designed for 99 Percent Efficiency

Cleaver-Brooks has announced the launch of the ClearFire-CE (CFC-E) condensing boiler that can achieve up to 99 percent efficiency due to its enhanced AluFer firetube heat exchanger and dual temperature returns. When utilized, dual temperature returns increase condensing in a hot water boiler, raising efficiency by six percent or more compared to a traditional single-return design. The dual-return feature also offers system engineering flexibility for efficient integration into any building design.

“Engineers can easily incorporate the CFC-E boiler into a retrofit design or a new construction project because there are no flow limitations to consider,” says Sean Lobdell, market manager at Cleaver-Brooks. “Optimum efficiency can be achieved without the need to satisfy multiple-boiler design constraints.”

Another design aspect that makes the CFC-E easy to engineer is its large-water-volume pressure vessel with low pressure drop. This type of design eliminates flow restrictions and reduces system-pumping energy.

“The low-flow-tolerant design makes the CFC-E ideal for primary-variable-flow pumping systems and protects the boiler from overheating or potential erosion issues due to higher flow rates,” Lobdell says. “Due to the CFC-E’s high delta-T compatibility, it can handle the lowest possible return water temperature, increasing its condensing potential and operating efficiency.”

A low-emissions premix burner is built into the CFC-E. The self-regulating, gas valve/venturi system, combined with ECM variable-speed blower technology delivers true linear modulation control with optimum turndown for hydronic systems. The burner automatically adjusts for combustion air density changes, resulting in a consistent fuel-air-ratio performance without additional actuators and controls.

The CFC-E features the Cleaver-Brooks Falcon control that has a built-in ability to control lead-lag, outdoor air reset, automatic isolation valves, primary pumps and BMS integration.

Constructed of duplex stainless steel, the CFC-E performs well in hydronic systems with a variety of design temperatures. It features excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand thermal stock.

The CFC-E fits through a standard doorway, and the side casings can be removed easily for passage through tight-access areas. Multiple units can be mounted side-by-side, allowing for a small installed footprint. All of the boiler’s components are fully integrated, pre-programmed and factory-tested for plug-and-play operation.

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