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Bluon Energy: Drop-In Replacement for R-22

Bluon Energy offers TdX 20 refrigerant as a drop-in replacement for R-22 with no oil change or equipment modifications required.  “It provides energy efficiency, improved equipment performance, and is environmentally sustainable,” says Douglas Reinke, president and CEO. TdX 20 is a blend of five HFC refrigerants approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and ASHRAE. The differing boiling points of the refrigerants in the blend enable heat to be extracted across more of the coil surface, reducing compressor workload, and reducing energy use by 5 to 25 percent in HVAC equipment that uses R-22 with essentially no change in capacity, according to the company. In addition, compressor stability is improved, resulting in less noise and vibration along with more stable amp draw. TdX 20 operates at lower pressure and has a lower Global Warming Potential than R-22 or its replacements currently on the market. It has an A1 safety classification with a preliminary number of R-458A from ASHRAE. It can also be used as a refrigeration replacement for R-404A and R-507A, and has been authorized for sale by EPA for use in commercial comfort air conditioning, industrial process refrigeration systems, and retail food refrigeration. 

“TdX 20 was developed to be an equipment- and environment-friendly refrigerant to fill the void of R-22 and other de-listed refrigerants,” says Reinke.  “We’ve successfully brought to market an extremely affordable, easy-to-install, reliable solution that saves energy, is safe for the environment, and extends the life of building owners’ existing HVAC and refrigeration equipment.  It helps building owners avoid the huge CAPEX of new equipment. With the phase-out and rising prices of R-22 as well as numerous de-listed refrigerants, the timing is critical and our installed base has proven TdX 20’s effectiveness.” 

For more information, visit www.bluonenergy.com.


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