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BILCO's Acoustical Smoke Vent

The new Type ACDSV Smoke Vent is specifically designed to provide fire and smoke protection for applications where exterior noise intrusion is undesirable, such as in auditoriums, concert halls, and theaters. 

The new ACDSV carries an OITC-46 sound rating to guard against low-frequency outdoor sounds such as traffic and airplane noises and an STC 50 sound rating. In addition, the product has also received an ISO-140-18 sound rating when tested against rainfall sound. The figures are a significant improvement over BILCO’S previous model and are the top ratings among similar products on the market.

The ACDSV is also the first automatic smoke vent to be rated with an ISO 140-18 Rainfall Sound Rating, which measures the impact sound insulation roof, skylights and roof/ceiling systems incur when exposed to artificial rainfall. BILCO’s new ACDSV’s rating of 37.5 dB features a nearly 9 percent improvement over BILCO’S previous four-cover smoke vent models.

This new design features mineral wool insulation and high-density sound mat material within the unit’s covers and curb to better inhibit sound transmission. Structural improvements include the use of heavier gauge steel for the curb and cover liner, a new cover gasketing system, gas-spring lift assistance and a center-mounted gas traction spring to ensure reliable and controlled smoke vent operation.

The new ACDSV is currently available in a number of standard sizes to meet the ventilation requirements of virtually any application. Custom sizes are also available when specified. For more information about the new BILCO ACDSV Acoustical Automatic Smoke Vent, visit the company website at www.bilco.com.



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