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Avmor: Cleaner Disinfectants Need 2-Step Process


Laval, Quebec — Many cleaning professionals now select "cleaner-disinfectants" when performing cleaning tasks that tackle facility germ centers such as restrooms, desk tops, high-touch areas, food service areas, and more. But the way they use these products may actually make them ineffective. This is because many cleaning professionals believe these products clean and disinfect all in one step.

"This is not correct and can have serious health repercussions," said Paul Goldin, vice president with Avmor, a provider of professional cleaning solutions in Canada, parts of North America, and Europe. "Using a cleaner-disinfectant is always a two-step process."

The surface must be cleaned first — often referred to as a "pre-cleaning" — and then cleaned a second time, he said. It is the second step that actually disinfects the area being cleaned, and is necessary for the product to be used properly.

The key issue, he said, is that the actual soils on the surface must be removed first.

"If cleaning professionals read the spec sheets or technical data sheets that accompany these products, this 'pre-cleaning' step invariably will be mentioned," Goldin said. "But unfortunately, many cleaning workers do not read spec sheets. Because of this, distributors should always point this two-step process out to their clients."

When using and selecting cleaner-disinfectants, Goldin also advises:

• Select a high-quality product designed to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses on hard and non-porous surfaces.

• If there are any particular bacteria or viruses of concern, be sure the product label mentions these and that the product is proven effective against them. 

• Read the label and be aware of the cleaner-disinfectant's dwell time, which can vary.

• The cleaner-disinfectant must remain wet on the surface. "If it dries, the cleaner-disinfectant should be reapplied," Goldin said.

Avmor, founded in 1948, is a provider of professional cleaning solutions. Its sustainable and traditional cleaning solutions and training programs promote effective, efficient, healthier, and sustainable practices that exceed performance expectations and environmental requirements. 

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