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Atlas Roofing Has Shingles with High-Performance Technology


March 30, 2015 — A competitive advantage is helpful in any business, especially in the crowded roofing industry. There are no second chances if you miss a sale opportunity. If a roofing job goes to the competition, it could be another 15-plus years before you have a second chance at getting that contract. It’s a risk you can’t afford to take. Put yourself in the position to win over your next client, by recommending shingles featuring HP Technology from Atlas Roofing.

HP Technology shingles are oversized, with fewer laps needed per installation. That’s less time going up and down ladders and more time nailing shingles on securely. These shingles can with a four-nail application instead of six, saving install time and nail money.

The shingles feature a larger Sweet Spot. While many other shingles have ambiguous or smaller nailing areas, the HP Sweet Spot clearly displays the area where your nail will penetrate both shingle layers. The FASTAC double sealant lines act as both a quick seal and provide a visible 1¼-inch nailing area where the Sweet Spot can be found. This helps eliminate unwanted errors and increases your install speed. The faster you complete the job, moving on to the next, and have all the old shingles out of the yard, the happier both you and the homeowner will be.

While installation speed is a helpful benefit, HP Technology shingle strength is an excellent selling point to your homeowners. The 130 mph wind coverage helps homeowners’ roofs stand strong through Mother Nature’s toughest tests.

In addition to the high wind protection, StormMaster Slate and StormMaster Shake shingles (both of which feature HP Technology) boast a Class IV impact-resistance rating. The Class IV rating is the highest impact rating available, making it the worry-free install against hail and extreme winds.

HP Technology is a featured component for Atlas Roofing’s StormMaster Slate, StormMaster Shake, and Pinnacle Pristine shingles.  

Atlas Roofing Corp. is an international manufacturer of residential and commercial building materials. For more information, visit AtlasRoofing.com.

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