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Architects and Engineers Have Published Demonstration of the Delivery of COBie and Coordination MVD in Revit

Initial COBie Challenge events used models too small to rigourously test capability or too large to complete. Now, the inventor of COBie has teamed with architects and engineers to develop a new test building, the East Dormitory.

The overall project is to design, build, and operate four small dormitories on a fictous site adjacent to the University of Illinois, in Champaign, Illinois, USA. Our test includes one of these four buildings - the "East Dormitory." The design is based on standard concept drawings provided by the United States Government.

Iterative testing between team and software developers helps you capture and use COBie data as an integral part of typical design and construction process. Our recomendations have already found thier way into commercial software.

Verficiation testing uses the open-source COBie QC Repoter and COBie Plugin. These tools have been used as the basis for all NBIMS-US COBie testing to date. Chris Bogen and Bill East created these tools using the open-source bimServer.org platform developed by Leon van Berlo and his team at TNO.

A team of English, Irish, and US architects and engineers have published a complete set of multi-disciplinary open-source models, simulated contract drawings, and files demonstrating the delivery of COBie and Coordination MVD in Revit as an integral part of the design process -- not a stand-alone effort. Anyone may download and use these models to test software configuration, team workflows, or their software's ability to import or export COBie and Coordination MVD data.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://prairieskyconsulting.com/testing.htm

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