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Alarms and Enhanced Facility Safety

Transducers USA, a supplier of audible signal devices, has announced the expansion of their line of TRIP-80 Alarm Series of high output audio alerts in a small package: 26mm dia. x 22mm high.

The updated TRIP-80 Series generates a sound pressure level of a minimum of 97dB @ 30cm with a continuous or fast pulsing audio output. These loud indicators are ideally suitable for industrial control, automation and a myriad of alarm applications; particularly if size and sound output are prime considerations. The pulsed version gives added versatility where alarm identification is needed within a given area. These alerts are well suited for applications where ambient noise may interfere with other alarm outputs at lower sound pressures.

The TRIP-80 Alarm Series from Transducers USA feature ceramic piezo indicators and are available in PC pin or wire termination (TRIP-80L-16G-ME) configurations.

The TRIP-8012LA unit includes a snap-on connector that will mate with automotive style connectors – a perfect solution for automotive, off-road, marine, golf cart, snowmobile, emergency equipment and other mobile applications. This unit meets IP67 standards.

The TRIP-80 Series of alarms operate at 6 – 18 VDC at 25Ma max. Resonant frequency is 2,700 +/- 500Hz. Other product specifications include:

Rated Voltage: 12VDC
Max. Input Current: 17mA (TRIP 80P-A17), or 25mA (all others)
Tone: Fast Pulse or Continuous
Operating Temperature: -20⁰ C to +60⁰ C
Storage Temperature: -30⁰ C to +80⁰ C
Housing Color: Gray
Housing Material: Polycarbonate
Weight: 13g

All TRIP Series alarms are RoHS compliant.

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