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ARC Facilities

ARC offers facilities professionals an innovative and easy-to-use app to manage buildings, campuses and municipalities. The ARC Facilities app empowers teams to work faster and smarter, while reducing risks and costs. FMs can find everything they need on their phone within clicks, whether it’s locating a shut-off, managing equipment with QR codes, finding warranties or responding to an emergency. With a Google-like search feature, FMs can improve service and, based on a recent survey, be able to complete 30% more work orders, boosting productivity and efficiency. 

Highlighted features:

As-Built in Map View

ARC’s Map View shows multiple As-Builts for one floor in an organized set so even the newest employees can find the right plans. Easily markup a plan and share changes with colleagues or contractors with the swipe of your finger.

Shut-offs Maps

During an emergency, locating shutoffs and taking appropriate action are critical steps in preventing potential damage or injuries. Clickable shutoff maps provide visual locations as well as pictures, videos, operating manuals and training guides.

Locating Equipment

Technicians can access everything they need to quickly complete a maintenance or repair task. O&M manuals, service logs, warranties and more are instantly available – with just a tap. Instantly find any information you need from your mobile device through search, QR code scanning and location maps. 


Overall Benefits:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce the impact of emergencies and catastrophic events
  • Save on warranty costs
  • Reduce overtime and improve service
  • Protect the organization from a retiring workforce

Contact FacilitiesNet Editorial Staff »   posted on: 9/9/2019

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