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Colored Flood Lights and Enhanced Aesthetics

The KFL Collection from KIM Lighting is the latest addition to its full outdoor lighting portfolio. The timeless form seamlessly blends high performance optics, controls, scalability and architectural mounting options that cover a variety of applications and enhance their environment. The KFL Collection is available with six distinct static white and seven RGBW distribution patterns, lumen outputs from 2,000 to 20,000 and impeccable architectural finishes to create breathtaking scenes in beautiful areas.

Colors are meant to draw attention, make an impact, and evoke feelings. The flexibility of RGBW lighting gives lighting designers the ability to alter the story of a space any day of the week. The KFL Collection is unique in its optical approach. All color mixing takes place within the optic to ensure a uniform color is shown on the desired surface. This eliminates the possibility of colors splitting and showing red, green, and blue shadows.

Controls Integration

In a world of increasing complex controls, KIM Lighting offers the ability for full DMX dimming and color control capabilities as well as a simple and cost-effective Bluetooth control via smartphone app. The Bluetooth app provides a cost-effective way to set color, add presets, dim the luminaires, or even pull specific colors from a photograph. A wired DMX protocol can also be used to create stunning light shows that seamlessly change color.

Wireless Controls Integration

Integral sensors and wireless controls ensure there is no compromise to the KFL Collection form factor. Intuitive controls capabilities include NX Distributed Intelligence, which is capable of scaling from standalone fixture control to networked enterprise deployments. NX Distributed Intelligence create an intelligent mesh network with the interior controls. Groups are dimmed via an astronomical time clock and schedules can be updated at any time with the Bluetooth commissioning app.


The KFL collection offers the widest range of mounting options in the market. It is extremely versatile and can adapt to virtually any application which requires a variety of architectural mounting options with the same level of flexibility.

The Features and Benefits of KFL Collection include:

  • Standard 10kA 20kV surge suppression
  • RGBW and RGBWW (warm white) configurations
  • A one-piece back housing has internal sealing compartments and decorative vents to allow for air flow without the appearance of bulky external fins
  • Lumen outputs ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 lumens
  • Architectural Yoke, Threaded Knuckle and Slipfitter Knuckle mounting options
  • UL 1598, IP66 certified and RoHS compliant

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