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Coronavirus Pandemic Sparks Access Control Changes

  November 2, 2020

By Cathy Jakicic

The 2020 Campus Safety Access Control, Lock and Lockdown Survey was conducted in June when the country was reopening after the spring shutdown.

The survey found that at that time 43 percent of healthcare respondents say their organizations don’t check visitor identification before a guest is allowed entry.

For those campuses that do verify visitor identity, police/security officers or staff are most likely the ones assigned this responsibility.

When it came to lockdowns, only 38 percent of healthcare facilities said their lockdown hardware is fast enough to protect against threats. Although campuses are currently focused on appropriately addressing the issues brought up by the coronavirus, visitor management and lockdown hardware issues will most likely continue long after the current pandemic passes, the article said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred an enormous demand for security guards, according to CTV.

Job descriptions for guards now can include temperature checks in at least one case -- removing bodies from a morgue.

Cathryn Jakicic is healthcare industries editor of FacilitiesNet.com. For more information on hospital campuses and other medical facilities, click here.


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