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Hungry Seagulls Damage School Roof

By Naomi Millán Roofing
Seagull with beak open perched on a red platform against a blue sky

Bird nuisance problems at institutional and commercial facilities normally involve issues such as unsanitary conditions from accumulated bird droppings, damage from nesting habits or collisions with glass panels. But one school in Massachusetts faced a different kind of bird situation, thanks to local seagulls.

A recent storm caused significant amounts of water to leak into Wareham Middle School from the roof, damaging several classrooms, the library, and an IT room, according to WHDH TV 7NEWS. School officials closed the school for two days to assess and repair the damage.

When the building inspector checked the roof, the supposition was that strong winds from the storm had torn away sections of the school’s rubber roof. But the real culprit turned out to be hungry seagulls dropping quahog shells onto the roof to try to crack them. Over time, this activity had caused the rubber membrane to tear and deteriorate.

Naomi Millán, is senior editor of Building Operating Management. 


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