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Current Issue: February 2016
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Part 1: Protecting Your Roof against Damaging Winter Weather
Part 2: Maintenance Personnel, Trees, Snow Loads Can Hurt Roof

Mass Notification
Part 1: Planning for an Active-Shooter Event
Part 2: 3 Technology-Related Issues Related to Active-Shooter Plan
Part 3: ‘Gap Analysis’ Can Help Evaluate Response Plan for Active Shooter

Part 1: Restroom Updates Must Address ADA, OSHA, Water Requirements
Part 2: Unisex Toilets and ADA Requirements
Part 3: Water Conservation and Restroom Design
Part 4: Restroom Water Conservation Issues Related to Faucets, P-Traps, Signage

Part 1: Using Daylighting to Maximum Effect
Part 2: Daylighting System Can Range from Very Simple to Complex
Part 3: Tips for Optimizing Controls to Make the Most of Daylight

Part 1: How Healthcare FMs Achieve Energy Efficiency
Part 2: Ways to Save Energy in Healthcare Facilities, Including Heat Recovery
Part 3: How Froedtert Healthcare System Has Saved on Energy Costs

Part 1: Houston’s Scott Minnix Made Facility Assessment His First Priority
Part 2: Minnix Helped Secure Key Maintenance Funds
Part 3: A City Facility Director on Understanding Influence of Politics, Diverse Constituencies
Part 4: Minnix’s Facilities Role Akin to Air Traffic Controller’s
Part 5: For Minnix, Municipal Real Estate Portfolios Demand Different Paradigm

Data Centers
Part 1: Financial Incentives Can Help Cut Data Center Energy Costs
Part 2: Challenge of Quantifying Value of Data Center Energy-Saving Options
Part 3: Incentives for On-Site Power Generation for Data Centers

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