Baltimore Schools Meet to Discuss Roof Replacement

  April 11, 2018

By Ryan Berlin

When Mother Nature strikes, her wrath can cause serious damage. A Baltimore area high school was no exception when The roof of the auditorium building blew off during strong rain and wind storms.

A community meeting has been scheduled for Thursday evening in Havre de Grace to discuss the roof at Havre de Grace High School, according to an article in the Baltimore Sun.

The storms caused damage to the school when they took place from March 2-3, 2018, and “It has yet to be fixed,” Havre de Grace City Council member Casi Tomarchio said after Monday night’s council meeting.

Details of the school system’s progress and plans to make the necessary roof repairs will be shared during the community meeting, an email said.

“The community has said for a very long time that we need to fix the roof,” Tomarchio said.

Money was in the budget for a new roof but it was removed for other projects, she said. “And then we lost the roof,” Tomarchio continued.

The roof is covered with a tarp, but every time it rains, water comes through in bucket loads.

The roof leaks in the area where the music programs meet and students can’t use restrooms there because of the rain, she said.

The school system has not determined if the roof will be repaired or replaced.

This Quick Read was submitted by Ryan Berlin, managing editor of Facility Maintenance Decisions.


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