Solar Energy Association Establishes Recycling Program

  October 20, 2016

By Dave Lubach

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) created a recycling program to promote responsible end-of-life management of solar products.

By creating this program that aggregates the services offered by recycling vendors and photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers, the industry is making it easier for consumers to select a cost-effective and environmentally responsible end-of-life management solution for their PV products.

SEIA is planning proactive waste management strategies in an effort to make the entire industry landfill-free. This includes the national recycling network program, providing a portal for system owners and consumers to know how to responsibly recycle their PV systems, and investing in research and development for recycling technologies.

With the goal of creating a long-term global circular economy, we’re not just thinking about how to take back and recycle PV – we’re thinking about how to repurpose its components into new products for a better future. We plan to invest the cost savings from effective waste management into research and development of PV’s new life after decades of service producing clean, renewable energy.

For more information on SEIA, visit www.seia.org.

This quick read was submitted by Dave Lubach, associate editor for Facility Maintenance Decisions. Reach him at dave.lubach@tradepress.com. For more on solar power click here.


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