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Case Study: Empower Field Upgrades Stadium Restrooms, Sees Benefits

  January 4, 2022

When 76,125 people pack into Denver’s Empower Field on fall Sundays, the reliability and performance of its restroom products are put to the test. The original restroom fixtures at the stadium had been in place for over 20 years, so the stadium’s facility maintenance team knew it was time for an upgrade. The team had its sights set on touchless restrooms prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and selected Sloan products for the renovation. 

With Empower Field now operating at full capacity, Sloan products are delivering water savings, improved restroom hygiene, and impressive aesthetics to both fans and the facility maintenance team. 

Mile Hygiene 

Sloan’s Optima EBF-187 Sensor Faucets were installed at the concourse level, while their BASYS EFX-250 Sensor Faucets paired with SS-3103 sinks were put in place at the United Club. Both touchless faucets provide water savings as well as a sleek, modern aesthetic. Empower Field also elected to install sensor-operated, solar-powered Sloan SOLIS 8186 and 8111 Flushometers with Smart Sense Technology for controlled efficiency with every flush. The flushometer’s infrared sensor contains multiple focused, lobular sensing fields for high and low target detection. Sloan’s ST-2459 Elongated Wall-mounted Water Closets were also installed, and each water closet features SloanTec, Sloan’s proprietary hydrophobic antimicrobial glaze that inhibits the growth and buildup of germs, bacteria, mold and more. 

An Easy Score for Water Savings 

The relationship between Sloan and Empower Field didn’t end with specification, as Sloan also conducted a water savings study with the stadium’s facility maintenance team. The analysis concluded that with the switch to Sloan products, Empower Field is estimated to save 277,000 gallons of water during each Broncos game. With 10 games per year, that amounts to a little under 3 million gallons saved per season. And that doesn’t even include the additional 300 events the stadium hosts on a yearly basis, including concerts, dances, and even the Democratic National Convention. 

A Connected Experience 

Sloan further simplified facility maintenance at Empower Field with its SOLIS Bluetooth Flushometers, which were installed throughout the entire stadium. These sleek, modern flushometers are equipped with Sloan Connect technology, allowing the facility’s maintenance staff to wirelessly monitor the health and status of flushometers and spot potential issues before they happen. With Sloan Connect, maintenance teams can also adjust and configure the Bluetooth-connected flushometers through the Sloan Connect App on their smartphone. Additionally, facility managers can easily generate and share diagnostic reports and quickly access product technical data. 


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