Burst Pipe Causes Flooding on College Campus

  January 31, 2018

By Ryan Berlin

In a moments notice maintenance and engineering managers have to be prepared when a crisis strikes. A crisis can happen at any time, including flooding from a broken water main.

Some students who showed up for class at San Jose State were greeted with a watery mess after a burst pipeline flooded two campus buildings, according to a story from KGO-TV.

Water poured out of a broken main between student housing buildings near East San Salvador Street and South 10th Street for hours, starting in the late afternoon into the evening.

Students wondered if class would be cancelled on Monday. "I kept checking my email to see if class was cancelled and stuff. It was pretty bad, though. It was pretty bad," said SJSU student, Dammy George.

San Jose State officials did not cancel class but evidence of the flooding was left behind.

The water surged through campus, going past the event center, student wellness center, and all the way to the student union building.

The influx of water also collided with the underground heating system, creating steam. San Jose State officials say they don't expect any major damage but they're still assessing the situation.

San Jose Water Company repaired the broken main overnight. They say they're investigating what caused it to break. They also say they'll pay for any of the damage done by the flooding.

This Quick Read was submitted by Ryan Berlin, managing editor of Facility Maintenance Decisions.


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