Ye Olde Fighting Cocks Pub

Medieval Pub Adopts Modern Food Waste Disposal Technology

  July 15, 2019

By Cathy Jakicic

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks Pub, which opened its doors in St. Albans, UK in the 8th century, recently underwent a $1.3 million renovation that included the installation of a cardboard bailer, a glass crusher, and an biodigester to cut down on trash collections, shrink landfill deposits and reduce the pub’s carbon footprint. 

According to owner Christo Tafelli, the pub eliminated three food waste collections in the first week. Multiplied by 52 weeks, that amount was expected to save $6,487 a year.

The biodigester turns between 150-280 pounds of food waste per day into drain-safe “grey” water. Not having to store food waste until trash collection avoids attracting vermin or exposing customers to unpleasant smells.

Because the UK currently has no commercial food waste regulation, such efforts are voluntary. 

But “Food Waste in England,” a report produced for the House of Commons Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Committee (2016-2017), suggests that regulation is imminent, according to a press release from by Power Knot LLC, the manufacturer f the biodigester technology.

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