Matching Lighting Needs with Commercial ApplicationsAcuity Brands

Matching Lighting Needs with Commercial Applications

Part three of a three-part article on LEDs

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor  
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Commercial office buildings offer specific applications in which LED lighting can provide unique opportunities for energy savings, improved aesthetics and safety for occupants and visitors. One critical area for commercial buildings are stairwells, which often require 24/7 lighting to ensure increased safety.

“There are always evolving codes in a lot of areas of the country that have codes for two areas of light levels in a stairwell,” Youngquist says. “Some very nice LED fixtures now available will operate at a lower level of light 24/7, and then with motion sensors and controls, they come up to full brightness when someone is actually using the stairwell.”

In a commercial office, a softer-light LED can help occupants overcome fatigue that can develop while sitting for hours without leaving the office or cubicle.

“Perhaps unlike the other environments, the occupants of office spaces are captive for hours at a time and in many cases performing tedious administrative tasks where eye strain and fatigue is common,” Bailey says. “In addition to promoting a clean and attractive environment, upgrading to LED lighting in commercial office applications can provide facility managers an opportunity to improve visual comfort as well as address visual performance related to historically light and often drab environments.”

LEDs can help occupants to adjust light levels for individual comfort much more easily than other systems.

“LEDs that simulate natural light can also improve mood and overall health and reduce stress, which leads to less absences and a better overall work atmosphere,” Sonderen says. “Many LED lights can also be dimmed to fit the visual wants or needs of facility workers during different points in the day.”

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Matching Lighting Needs with Commercial Applications

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